June Month 6: Meditation (Part Two)

Challenge: Meditate
Charity: Be Me Project
Total £ accrued: £20
Reflection: “Sometimes, you have to look back in order to understand the things that lie ahead.” – Yvonne Woon

The Sixth Challenge: To Meditate


What do you wake up for?

It’s been a challenging month, mixing the excitement of travelling with the serenity of meditation. But it really has had me thinking more and more about life and what it’s all about.

Earlier this month, I posted this on social media:

today i woke

The purpose for this was not to make us sad about where they are currently, but to make us think about the reason why we do what we do. A question as much to myself as to everyone else; why do we wake up every morning, what is our purpose and plan for our lives?

I have been so blessed to be able to travel around Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, but one thing that I was made increasingly aware of, was the fact that so few of the people I met and saw in local communities would ever be able to afford to save, let alone travel. For many, the reason they wake up and do life is to feed themselves and their families for that day. If they have enough food that day and a little to spare the next day, they consider it a very good day.

So what are your reasons? There are no right answers, only, let’s make sure we know what we are waking up for each day.


Taking in the Beautiful

Nature has gifted us with so much that we take for granted. The earth is a giant gift that keeps giving as we enjoy it’s warmth or coolness, varied fruits and food, drink, fuel, medicines, clothes and so much more. Isn’t it funny to think that everything, absolutely everything that we have comes from this earth?

The other gift that is ours for free is the absolute beauty that is all around us, this in itself is taken for granted most. There is something about pure beauty that just heals the soul, nourishes the mind and swells up the heart. It’s as if you absorb beauty through your eyes and it fills your entie being.

I have been lucky enough to explore some of these places of immense beauty abroad, but if I’m honest, I really didn’t have to come this far for it. Surrey, especially where I live, is full of breathtaking views that just seem to melt away my problems when I stop to take it in.
Next time you see something beautiful, do take time to sit and absorb with your eyes (and not always with your lense). You might find you take more away with you than you expect.

The Conclusion

Success rate: 87% (5 days failed out of 30)
Cost per fail: £5
Money raised for charity: £25

Because you’re worth it!

Meditation has not been as easy as I thought as it is just as important to give quality time to it as it is to actually do it.

Being on tour at the beginning of the month meant early mornings and late nights with not much option for quality meditation time. This is where I lost the most days. But when I did get into meditation, I found the time went so fast and often I would be there for 10, 15 minutes without realising.

I took advantage of the opportunity I had to be in stunning locations, this made meditation easy and it came naturally to me. I have been able to meditate on beaches, at waterfalls, on boats, in temples, in the ocean and even in the deeply tragic killing fields that offered so much beauty yet had seen such horror.

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I have really felt the benefit of this and will continue to do this daily, it is something that grows with time as you get spiritually, mentally and emotionally stronger.

Next: July’s Challenge – Water!



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