May Month 5: Exercise! (Part One)

Challenge: Exercise!
Charity: Cancer Research
Total £ Accrued: £0
Status: Body Shakin’, Heart Racin’, Money Savin’…

The Fifth Challenge: To Exercise

This month’s challenge is focusing on nurturing the body.


This may come as a major (non) surprise, but I am so unfit that I physically couldn’t do more than two lengths the last time I went swimming. And don’t get me started on running, the only thing I run is my mouth (I’m African, deal).
The combination of having asthma, working at a desk and being lazy means that exercise has fallen to the bottom of my priority list.

Last time I checked my figure, I realised that the priority list had to change. And no, I’m not saying I think I’m overweight; it’s not just about to exterior, it’s also the interior. Like my lungs, my bad back & bad posture. Like my mental well-being & my energy levels.

The challenge will also be an exercise of my will and motivation because the last gym membership I had may as well have gone straight in the bin.


The Training Plan

Had to nick this one because there are zero pictures of me going for a run… haha as if!

The experts reckon we should all be getting in 30 minutes of exercise a day. However, I expect a bit of a shock to the system as I go from doing nothing to suddenly getting my heart rate going faster than Forest Gump. So I will be easing myself into it week by week.

The challenge will be to have at least 15 minutes of exercise every day week 1, 20 minutes a day week 2, 25 minutes week 3 and 30 minutes of exercise a day week 4.


When I say exercise, I mean I have to feel it!

Gran Canaria 2009
Gran Canaria 2009 = #goals

My goals to help me along are:

  • Go for a run twice a week
  • Join an exercise class (I have already joined a Wing Chun self defence class and Pilates class)
  • Get a beach bod ready for my travels!
  • And the lung capacity to keep up on tours!
  • Breathe…

For every day that I do not do any of exercise, I will pay £5 to my amazing friend, Elsa Hartley’s Pretty Muddy Crawley 5k fundraising page for Cancer Research.

Part Two

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