April Month 4: Not Giving Up (Part Two)

Challenge: Don’t Give Up, Stick at things!
Charity: The Natashas Project
Total £ accrued: £8
Status: Looking forward to this month’s task!

The Fourth Challenge: Not Giving Up

Perhaps not the best angle – but the determination shows!


I’ve had something that I always wanted to do but had been putting off time and time again, and at every opportunity would find a reason to “snooze” it.

This dream, or goal, is to go travelling… by myself (eek!).

It is something I need to do for me, to prove to myself that I can and to be able to take time out to be with myself whilst trying to figure out life.

Last year was full of curve-balls, and when that happens it can really disorientate you and send you out of balance. Travelling will be my way of centring myself and grounding myself again in some solid foundations.

So I took the first step finally and booked myself three months off work!!!!! Aaaahhh!

Jumping for Joy at the Grand Canyon

This is a big deal for me because there are a number of factors that try push me to give up on this dream. These are factors that may be stopping you from fulfilling your dreams too. Factors like … Work! Safety! Money! Comfort! Family! Friends! Relationships!

Buts and Butts

There are a lot of ‘butts’ (yes I know, it’s on purpose!) that get in your way when you try to work towards your goal and here are some of mine.

“But I’m working towards promotion, I might miss out on an opportunity,”

“But I am saving for a house and this will slow my progress.”

“But what what if I am taken/raped/murdered?” 

“But my parents don’t think it’s a good idea!”

“But I don’t want to go without so and so!”

And you will have plenty of your own ‘butts’ when you try to work towards your dreams too.

Maybe you are working towards a promotion but you are at a bit of a standstill, or the opportunities are not there yet, or others are competing for the same opportunity… Ask yourself, are you losing out on what could be for what might be?
Hint: It is worth noting here that any performance reviews should be based on the time you were at work and not take into account your time off.

Maybe you do want to buy a house. Ask yourself how long it will be before you are able to buy? Then how long for you to save more for travelling? How old will you be then? What will life look like then?
I am not an advocate for spending outside of your pocket so would urge you to save your own hard-earned cash to travel and not to take a loan.

As for safety, especially as a woman, I can tell you now you aren’t safe anywhere. Trafficking happens worldwide, as does rape and murder. Think of some of the scares you may have had walking in the dark somewhere near you. Or if you are like me, when you are home alone and suddenly everything is creaking and you are convinced someone has broken in. Being safe whilst you travel is as important as being safe where you live. If anything, we tend to let our guard down more in familiar places. Take the necessary precautions, but (as I used to say when I was young) don’t let fear decide for you.

Is it worth the risk?

Lost Dreams

Two memories come to mind when I think about giving up on my travel dream – Spain & Russia. This was when I was younger, a teenager. I had the opportunity on two separate occasions to go to Spain and also to Russia. In both scenarios I set my heart on going, I even paid deposits, in both scenarios I lost out on my money – £150 with Spain (at the time that was all of my savings) and £300 on Russia. I let the opinions of my (then very strict) parents get in the way.

I’m not saying don’t listen to your family, do. Because they will have insight you might not. But don’t give up on your dreams just because of one voice of fear. I saw firsthand the devastating effects fear had on hopes and dreams.

There have been many other dreams I have given up on, but my second chance is here and I am going to take it.


Now I have this goal; to make the first booking by the end of the week.

Wish me luck! x

Part Three coming soon…


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